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Margaret Grace : Went a size larger for a comfortable fit
Varatchaya Prasatchai : Perfect! This is the best sleepmask for such a great price. I wouldnt buy any other one
Ramly Karim : Wish I could say i'm enjoying this hoodie but my wife promptly stole if from me.  Great weight for cool, not cold, weather or layering.
Modestas Bucius : I wear these shorts 5 or 6 days a week to work out.  Has not shrunk in the wash and far more comfortable then polyester.
Susanna Duran : We have had two of these sheets for 9 months now (one clean, one in the wash at all times).  They've stood up well to constant use.  They are still soft.  My kid likes them.  Five stars.
Aldo Garces : Love!! Super soft ans warm but not too warm.

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