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add a lot of bright shadows to change your home

Step one: start with spring cleaning
Now is the best time for a real old-fashioned spring cleaning! Wash your walls, hang things in the cupboard, and organize them well, which will help you rediscover your home without the need for decoration.
Let's start with areas with heavy traffic. To be honest, a dark, messy hallway full of shoes, coats and bags can easily make us feel anxious. When we returned home after a busy day of work, the worn walls did not give us the warm welcome we needed.
These spaces help our home flow from room to room. If these things are messy, they are likely to spread to other parts of the house.
One way to bring order to these regions is to use smart storage solutions. When they enter the door, give everyone a place to hang their coats, give everyone a basket for shoes, an umbrella stand, a hook for dogs, a letter stand and a key box. I like to put my coats in the cupboard so that they are invisible. I changed my cupboard under the stairs to a hanger, and I could close the door.
Then clean it up every month-put your shoes in your bedroom, put your coat back on the hook, recycle the spam, and put everything back in the right place.
Spring cleaning tips
Scrub the stains off the wall with a sugar soap solution
Wash the windows inside and out to let more light into your home
Put the vacuum cleaner in your wardrobe and hide the winter clothes in a vacuum bag
Replace your winter duvet with a lightweight spring duvet
Invest in storage boxes for easily soiled cabinets (I like transparent plastic boxes so I can immediately see what's inside)
Hooks are key to getting debris on the floor where they should go
Make everything in the home valuable. When I was cleaning, I took the opportunity to organize my stuff. Put your unwanted candy in a local charity store so they can find a new home.
Once you have pinned the corridor and landing area, you cannot stop. You'll organize the rest of the house little by little until you clean up every room. Now you are ready to proceed to the second step ...
Step two: decorate your home with what you already have
Let me tell you euphemistically that paint is not the only way to refresh your home. Look, I said that! Anything that is painted in a large area of ​​the room-such as a rug, sofa cover, or artwork-will inject the color you want for your solution. All you need to do is move things around the house and make every place look new this spring.
Try putting one (or two) cushions on the sofa and see how much it affects your room. Maybe you have some cushions in your guest room that look beautiful in the living room? Go and give it a try. Why not design your bookshelf differently? There are many ideas about bookshelves on Pinterest that will surprise you. You don't need to add a lot of bright shadows to change your home. At this time of year, I prefer light and pastel shades. For more subtle effects, you can add details such as seasonal flowers, beautiful summer clothes hanging behind the bedroom door, or a set of ceramic vases on the sideboard.
In my own home, I would exchange things for an afternoon. I will play some music, and then play with how (and where) I put things back to my home. I stayed until the early hours, busy moving my carpets, blankets, bedspreads, cushions, and artwork-even curtains-until I felt happy.
A simple switch can completely change the look and feel of your living room. Believe me, I'm an expert.
Step three: upgrade your furniture
Once you have cleaned your home, organize all the accessories. You can start taking on bigger projects. Such as changing larger items such as sofas, beds and armchairs.
I'm not talking about going out and buying new things! How about changing the sofa? This is not only good for the environment, but also the bank's balance of payments.
Now I am renovating the living room (will appear here soon). I used to use cyan velvet bedspreads to suck the light out of the room. I have a new sofa cover made of peach-colored linen to give the space a new look and feel (my friend thought I had a new sofa!) I did n’t have the money to decorate my armchair, so I Cover it with a beautiful sheepskin bag to make it look human. Does not involve the instant makeover of paint.
There are many companies that specialize in helping you rejuvenate your old furniture. For example, if you have an IKEA sofa, you can buy new sofa covers from them, or you can buy new sofa covers from companies like Bemz. Bemz specializes in producing sofa covers in a variety of fabrics. My new sofa cover is made with a plumb, about 1,000 pounds, which is much cheaper (and much easier) than buying a new sofa. MDF crown molding

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